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Momentum Stalls in the ‘Power Broker’ as Marvel Brings Back an Old Enemy

Halfway through The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, more is unravelling about the Flag Smashers’ plans and the intentions behind a new super soldier serum.

This review is delayed not because of any time constraints. I just had a hard time finding something worthy to write.

Maybe its screen watching fatigue, but I didn’t find much worth of investment in “Power Broker” – the third installment in the The Falcon and the Winter Soldier mini series.

The world-building is moving at a good pace. We’re learning more about the Flag Smashers intentions, secrets behind the black market super soldier serum. And developing a better relationship with Sam and Bucky, most importantly.

Trying to push themselves as far apart from the new Cap John Walker and government eyes and ears, Sam and Bucky seek out Captain America: Civil War nemesis Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl) in Berlin for answers and insight.

Zemo is a Marvel villain that’s more intriguing than he is menacing. Lets not forget his intentions when we previously saw him were to get revenge for the death of his family and hold these heroes accountable.

After Bucky helps him break out of prison, they head to the fictional city of Madripoor and meet with a criminal heavyweight named Shelby. She tells them that the serum formula was instigated by someone under the moniker of Power Broker, who hired a former Hydra scientist Dr. Nagel to recreate it.

A phone call from Sam’s sister quickly blows their cover and they have to run under a shroud of gunfire. By happenstance, Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) appears – who has been living as a fugitive from the American government after the events of Civil War – and leads them to Nagel’s lab.

Before he is surprisingly killed by Zemo and his lab burnt to ash, they learn that lead Flag Smasher Karli Morgenthau has stolen all 20 doses he manufactured.

Sam and Bucky are able to escape, but not before Carter asks Sam for a pardon. Zemo takes them in style to Latvia to figure out what Morgenthau has done with the serums.

We deduce earlier in the episode that she has used one to save a dying family member, a mother it seems. And while the Flag Smashers have broken laws and struck out with violence, their intentions look to be aimed at helping those in need and reprimanding the actions of the GRC (Global Repatriation Council).

Sam and Bucky (and Zemo depending on what side he’s on) are going to have to contend not only with the flag smashers, but Walker – whose intentions are harder to read behind the spangled garb.

That cliffhanger cameo at the end leaves a lot to be excited about in the coming episodes. And maybe I found this episode to be slow because it is so much about the set up and we don’t get to see our heroes in high flying action.

We still have that same dry banter when they find themselves in familiar situations that still works like a charm.

“You’re not gonna move your seat up, are you?” Sam asks when they get into a getaway car (a reference to their iconic simmering car scene in Civil War).

“No,” Bucky replies.

They’re cheap gags, but keep ’em coming.

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