John Mayer’s end-of-summer single continues his laidback brand

Our favorite ex-bad boy longs to burst out of his “bubble” on latest single, “Carry Me Away.”

John Mayer has always been on an evolutionary track (musically and personally), letting listeners hear blips of his much public personal life along the bumpy ride, guitar spells and solos included.

Now in later adulthood, Mayer’s managed to bear his heart and soul endearingly, devoid of any obvious ego, especially on his latest track.

Mayer’s become a more down-to-earth figure for lack of a better term, flipping people’s once tabloid-fueled perceptions into something more associated with the mushy-gushy (heck, he even collaborated with Lisa Frank).

He’s even expanded into other creative avenues.

His Instagram show, Current Mood, allows him to flex his comedic muscle and endearing quirky charm, with guests like Halsey or David Spade popping up as he panders to the audience with talk show blue cards in hand.

Plus, it seems like he’s just having fun.

His 2019 solo tour has not only been the culmination of a worthy solo career and a step away from his side gig as a member of Grateful Dead offshoot Dead and Company, but, more importantly, a celebration.

His stop in Pittsburgh back in July proved that he has no problem being himself for all the right reasons, poking fun at the audience and himself and playing what he wanted to play.

His latest single, “Carry Me Away” serves as a dedication to his new sense of self and his craft, too.

The third standalone single from Mayer since his last album follows his newfound approach of dropping in sticky note-like songs when he wants to express his Current Mood, if you will.

On a break from this current tour, inspiration struck and this song begged to be recorded.

“My desires for vacation were simple: to live in shorts and a t-shirt and play with my dog in the sun and live a simple happy normal life, all while writing this song I had swirling around in my head,” Mayer wrote on Instagram.

“Carry Me Away” is the summer comedown we needed, with dainty instrumentals contrast against the longing that comes with the end of the heat.

“Been way too safe inside my bubble,” Mayer sings as he begs for someone or some other entity to carry him away.

There is an almost Grecian element to the music, making it feel like a true runaway destination soundtrack. On the ride he mentions a “carnivore” and a “loose cannon,” saying he’s finally found the crazy he’s been looking for.

This may be in regards to a new lover, but I would argue it’s in reference to the home he has built with his audience this past summer.

Arenas tend to look the same, an empty, echoey hockey or basketball space. But each night, as they become packed with new faces, Mayer can’t help but “surrender” to their lack of splendor.

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